As the Head Physician of a Gynaecology Department, I first started using gynecology lasers 6 years ago, diving into a cultural and methodological revolution. After using two ERBIUM lasers, I opted for LADYLIFT® first solid state laser and its excellent regenerative capacity. The pilot clinical study led us to extraordinary results, such as the almost complete resolution of urge incontinence (95%). As the Head of the Urogynecology Department of the San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan, I have reconsidered performing vaginal rehabilitation using the non-ablative Ladylift® laser at the early stages of the clinical care pathway to treat urinary and pelvic floor incontinence in women over 50.

--- Danilo Dodero, Gynaecologist, Genova

Ladylift® non-ablative diode laser has proven to be a powerful weapon against the genitourinary syndrome in women going through menopause. In my personal experience, I have seen several women restoring the normal hydration of the vulvovaginal mucus, also recovering from urge incontinence up to the almost total resolution of the problem in light incontinence.

Given it is a non-ablative laser, it does not leave any abrasions, burns or injuries. Also, the treatment is well tolerated by the patient. In older patients and in those with persistent atrophy, the patient had to undergo a hormonal local therapy first so as to increase the basal hydration of tissues, which was later boosted by the laser.

In young patients or women who had entered menopause very recently, the results were excellent, especially in patients with forced menopause due to a cancer. The outcomes can be seen after the very first session and three sessions every two weeks are usually enough to complete the treatment. Futhermore, the Ladylift® laser is handy and easy to use, it can be carried around pretty much everywhere. As a result, it allows meeting the needs of patients living in a city or in remote areas

--- Michela Angelucci, Gynaecologist, Roma

I have been using the Ladylift® laser for external and internal vulvovaginal treatments. The outcomes are excellent and the patient tolerability is also very good. The laser is very easy to use. I strongly recommend it.

--- Elisanna Sabatini, Gynaecologist, Pescara

Supported by a colleague of mine who is a gynaecologist, I have recently started using the Ladylift® laser in patients under SERMs (tamoxiphen) suffering from recurrent cystitis, dryness, burning sensation and dyspareunia. There has been a good resolution of symptoms at the end of the treatment sessions.

--- Monica Baldessin, Aesthetic Doctor, Treviso